Yanking Your Chain

Yanking Your Chain

We were lying together on the couch. He was tickling my back and playing with my hair, whispering into my ear. I could feel his warm breath on me as he exhaled. I loved him. He was my world, my everything.

We’d just gotten back from a long walk in the park and we were watching his favorite TV show. I didn’t mind what we watched, as long as we were together.

He learned in to whisper something to me. He paused before saying, “ I love you, but you’ve gotta go…”

I looked at him, stunned. I was silent but he could see the hurt in my eyes.

“I’m just yanking your chain,” he said while gently tugging on my collar. “I would never get rid of you, you’re my best friend! I love you, Spot,” he cooed, snuggling into my neck.

I love you, too, I thought. I snuggled into him and lifted my leg for a belly rub.


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