Raining Cats and Dogs

Raining Cats and Dogs

You’re sitting on your couch in your house when you hear a big commotion outside. You run to the door, pull it open and head into the light. Squinting in the cloudy brightness, you make out the shape of a group of people. They’re standing around something that looks like it might be an animal. You’re fairly small so you work your way up to the front of the crowd. It’s a dog. There’s only a murmur coming from the back of the crowd now; the rest have fallen silent, shocked and pale.

You wonder what happened. You wonder where this dog came from. You wonder why it’s not wearing a collar and where it’s owner might be. Everything is so mysterious, but the people are so intrigued. It’s actually kind of nice, seeing that people still care about something.

You can’t stand the mystery for too long, though. You turn to the man standing next to you and ask what happened.

“It fell,” he says, “fell right from the sky.”

As you’re about to ask for more of an explanation from the man you believe is clearly crazy, you hear another noise. It sounds like a screech, high-pitched and full of fear.

That’s when you see it. Something falling from the sky, tumbling towards the ground, terrified.

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” you hear people shout.

“Wait,” one woman says, “it’s a cat!”

That’s insane, you think. It’s not possible.

But, sure enough, it starts raining cats and dogs.



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