Not Playing With A Full Deck

Abigail was a dreamer. She was the kind of kid every parent hopes to have—smart, sweet, and creative enough to entertain herself for hours on end. She could play with anything, giving voices to whatever inanimate objects were strewn about the house. She never really complained, always ate her vegetables, and was polite to everyone she met.

Her parents were away on business a lot and they would frequently leave Abigail with her Auntie. Auntie was single, had no children, and absolutely loved Abigail. They had a special relationship that neither of them fully understood, but each was the other’s best friend and closest confidant. One time, Auntie had to take a long phone call, so she gave Abigail a deck of cards to play with. Being the creative little girl she was, Abigail entertained herself for the rest of the night making up different games. Auntie ended up giving her the deck of cards.

The other kids at school weren’t quite as accepting of Abigail’s individuality and, as kids often do, they teased her. They seemed more fascinated than hateful, usually testing the limits of her creative mind. On this particular day, Abigail brought her new deck of cards to school. It was time for recess and Abigail was all about the card games, playing by herself and daydreaming all the while.

The other kids decided to play a game of their own in which they would sneakily take a card from the deck every few minutes. They wanted to know how long it would take before Abigail would notice that she wasn’t playing with a full deck.

But Abigail was so absorbed in her own thoughts that she didn’t have a clue. Or if she did, she certainly didn’t let it affect her.