Great Minds Think Alike

Great Minds Think Alike

It’s often said that great minds think alike—but can that really be the truth?

There are a few qualities that are used to define a mind as “great”. The mind must have the ability to:

1. Comprehend things that are, to lesser minds, inconceivable.

2. Imagine things that no other mind can fathom.

3. Conquer some sort of existing problem by means of critical

thinking and analysis.

All in all, the thing that makes a mind truly great is its ability to be unique and unlike anything we’ve ever encountered. To be “unique” is to be “one of a kind”, so how can we say that two unique minds are the same?

The word great means considerably above the normal or average, distinguished.

Being distinguished is being successful, authoritative, something that commands respect, outstanding.

Outstanding is exceptionally good, clearly noticeable, notable.

Unsurprisingly, notable means worthy of attention of notice, remarkable, noteworthy.

To be noteworthy is to be interesting or unusual.

Unusual is defined as uncommon, rare, something remarkable or interesting because it’s different from or better than others.

As it turns out, the very thing that makes a mind “great” is what sets it apart from all other minds and keeps it from thinking similarly to others. No two un-great minds think alike, so how can we justify the idea of two great minds— minds that change our world and shape our youth—thinking alike?


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